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Original Fynbos Gin, 500ML

A floral driven gin with hints of pine and spice. It has a citrus backbone that is accentuated with the addition of tonic. A fynbos gin made in the Western Cape. This gin strikes a nice balance between a floral and a citrus gin.
Original Fynbos gin
Includes extracts of juniper berries, buchu, hibiscus, rose geranium, orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, honey bush, Angelica root, rooibos and cardamom

Pino & Pelargonium, 500ML

Sugarbird's Pino & Pelargonium isn't just any pink gin as it gets its colour by combining two of South Africa’s proudest exports:
Pinotage and Pelargonium (lemon geranium, rose geranium and African geranium).
The rich punch of colour from the Pinotage grape skins partnered with the fragrant floral flavours from Pelargonium set this rosy refreshment apart.
Pino & Pelargonium
Enjoy the floral notes balanced by pine, spice and Sugarbird's unique sweetness.
Top notes of rose geranium balanced in layers with lemon, mint and pine-like juniper.
Pelargonium gives you a sweet, floral flavour, while pinotage adds a striking and vibrant colour

Juniper Unfiltered Gin, 500ML

We've taken gin back to its roots to celebrate the personality and flavour of Juniper.
This gin pays homage to the female juniper plant responsible for producing the iconic berries used in gin making.
Juniper Unfiltered gin
This means that juniper and citrus tones come first, followed by floral flavours of black pelargonium, sweet crimson-eyed hibiscus and blueberries.

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