Our Entrepreneurial Mission

We see entrepreneurship as both a vehicle for positive change as well as a way of creative expression. After all, we (Nzeka Biyela & Rob Heyns) met back in 2011 at UCT doing our Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

To help build a better South Africa we want to build its people.
With every bottle sold we contribute toward 2-day bootcamp aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in South Africa. Although we work with all entrepreneurs, our focus is on women, previously disadvantaged people and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their community or the environment. Through our partnership with the Koi Group, for every 1000 bottles sold we send an aspiring entrepreneur on a 2-day bootcamp to learn about ideation and team formation, business development processes, and financial management.

Sugarbird Gin - Entrepreneur Bootcamp - Cape Town

What Our Attendees Said

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